About this project

R. Hirt, a leading specialty food distributor in Detroit, had no online presence until they partnered with Impakt Digital. Recognizing the limitations of traditional business methods, Impakt Digital created a tailored website, featuring an extensive database of over 2,000 specialty food products.

Within six months of the site’s launch, R. Hirt saw a 35% increase in customer inquiries and a 25% growth in sales, with 10,000 unique visitors per month. Impakt Digital’s ongoing management of the site ensured that the product database remained current, reflecting R. Hirt’s dynamic inventory.

This collaboration successfully expanded R. Hirt’s reach and efficiency, establishing them as a digital leader in the Detroit specialty food distribution industry. Impakt Digital’s expertise played a key role in this transformation, paving the way for R. Hirt’s continued growth and success online.

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